Hello World!

GirlPR’s blog is finally a reality!

The team at GirlPR plan on sharing everything we discuss in the office with the world wide web on our little blog.  Topical, media related, fashion forward, fun and female content is what you can expect from us at GirlPR headquarters.  This is our uncensored stream of consciousness that will be thought provoking and inspiring to all females out there tired of the hum drum monotony of the blogosphere!

Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered.

Keep calm, press follow, and stay tuned!

xx GirlPR

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GirlPR Beauty!

GirlPR has a keen interest in health, skincare and all things beauty related as maintaining yourself on the outside has been proven to make you feel better on the inside!  With an abundance of beauty related clients, we are at the forefront knowing what brand is best for different YOUR skin, which colour palette is best this season, which hairstyle will actually suit your face shape, and what you can do to improve those bags around your eyes!

For beauty news, tips, trends and much much more, the beauty section will keep you looking your best!

xx GirlPR

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“Girls! We Run the World!”

As a solely female driven company, I think we have an insight or two from a variety of female viewpoints!  Founder Juliet has surrounded herself with phenomenal like-minded young women in the GirlPR team to create a family of women are not afraid of their sexuality in the professional world!  Our wide client base of female related products provides us insights into the female psyche you would not believe!  For female inspiration to help you in all walks of life, be sure to turn to us for the latest in female related news!

Think GirlPR, think GirlPOWER!

xx GirlPR

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GirlPR Media!

As a boutique Public Relations agency, GirlPR keeps itself at the forefront of media news, social media developments, technological capabilities and provide our two cents toward big  business media related decisions.  For a crash course in what is happening in the Public sphere, updates on Facebook changes, the latest instagram trend, etc etc. we will tell you what is REALLY going on!

xx GirlPR

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GirlPR Fashion!

We pride ourselves as a fashion forward company-as a young female PR agency you would expect nothing less!  GirlPR can keep you up with what’s happening in the Australian AND international fashion stadiums.  Think fashion fanatics, designer dishes, inspirational input and much much more!

Want to know what’s trending in Milan?

What are the top three must have items this season?

Who is the biggest fashion victim in tinsel town?

It is all here ladies!  Enjoy!

xx GirlPR

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